Striped Bass Sampling Strategies Used on Southeastern Reservoirs


Waters*, C.T.North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Smithfield, NC.

Striped bass since the early 50,s have been successfully stocked into reservoirs across the United States. Striped Bass fishing is the fastest growing segment of sport fishing in America. Fishing effort and catch rates have increased, and anglers are expressing concerns, whether real or perceived, about declines of striped bass fishing. The need to conduct annual, systematic assessments of striped bass populations has increased. Numerous studies designed to address reservoir-specific questions are documented in the fisheries literature. However, information on the basic population assessment data collected annually by state agencies is generally less accessible. The collection methods employed range from angler creels and diaries to gill netting and electro-fishing. The types of data and subsequent analyses vary as well. The objective of this effort is to summarize the techniques used by state agencies from across the southeast to collect and analyze data used to make basic management decisions. This initial evaluation should provide a basis for biologists to design standard sampling strategies for reservoir striped bass.

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